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What is Tournkey?

Tournkey is an event and travel ecosystem software. Available both on desktop and mobile devices, you can register, pay, keep up to date with games, create team pages, condense schedules and much more. Sport event and travel management is simplified for everyone within Tournkey’s ecosystem.

Why should I use Tournkey?

Tournkey is a whole systems approach to event and travel management. Instead of using multiple software systems for event and travel administration, registration and payment, Tournkey does it all in one app. We simplify your life, by using Tournkey you don’t need to compromise excellence and time. Continue spending your free time being free, just give us the necessary information and we will take care of the rest…

Can I sign up for a free demo?

Yes, visit our demo request page and sign up for your own one-on-one demo!

How do I get in contact with a Tournkey support member?

Submit a request on our support page or use the chat feature on our website to directly talk to someone in real time.

What are the benefits of Tournkey?

  • Consolidate all sports management from event to travel, in one place; Tournkey
  • Spend a fraction of your time planning and organizing, compared to the competition. Schedule, plan, organize, all on one platform.
  • Cut out the wasted time so you can focus on your team or business.
  • Communicate easily via email, text, and push notifications in just seconds.
  • Scheduling, details, and more all in one place making communication even easier.
  • Robust financial management, reconciliations, and flexible payment options.
  • Multi-layer communication and marketing hub.

How do I register for Tournkey?

You should have received or have access to a link to the registration form for the organization you intend to register with. This will be shared with you via your email or on the organization’s public website. When you click on the link to begin the registration process, you will be asked to either sign in if you are already a Tournkey user, or to create your account if you are new to Tournkey.

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